The Rakings

by David L. Greene

In presenting these, my grandfather's memoirs, I have tried to be as accurate as possible. Here, I am working from a single copy of the newspaper articles. Any typos, misspellings, or other errors might be due to proofreading misses in the newspaper, and should not necessarily be accredited (or discredited?) to either my humble efforts, or my grandfather's good work. Where possible, I have included a link to explain certain things that I found quite interesting, or simply to point out a noticeable error in wording. I'll add to these links as time permits. Contact me if you have suggestions.

Grandpa's memoirs were published in The Reporter, the local newspaper in Athens, Ontario where he was born and raised. Chapter 1 was published on Thursday, September 22, 1966. As much as practical, I have maintained the look and feel of the original articles in the paper. I hope that these works are of as much interest to others as they were to me. I regret that I was unable to share my enjoyment with him while he was alive. He was a true Canadian pioneer. Grandpa died in Winnipeg on January 30, 1967 at the age of 83 years, during the period that The Reporter was publishing his memoirs.


     It is not given to many to be able to recall and vividly to report the experiences one has shared through childhood, youth and age.  David Greene has that gift.  I suspect he gets his greatest pleasure from writing.  The deft word, the felicitous phrase, the discernment of the human situation, come easily and naturally to him.  But it is always the human situation that is paramount.
     I am glad his memoirs are to be printed.  It has been an interesting and rewarding experience to read them and I am sure that they will make an appeal to many people, especially to his contemporaries.

                                                                               Walter Foster Barfoot,
July 1966                                                                         Archbishop

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